It matters not what road we take but rather what we become on the journey.

Everyone is different and needs an individualized therapy or counseling approach. At KKJ, we focus on the specific problems that affect your daily life, using well-known techniques. While therapuetic techniques are important, authenticity, warmth, and empathy are integral for people to flourish in, and outside of, counseling. We strive to treat the whole person—mind, body and spirit—to help individuals and families decrease stress, enhance relationships, and realize overall greater health and well-being.

Our psychological services include therapy and counseling for relationships and work/life balance, psychological testing, and educational testing. KKJ offers a range of mental health professionals who can journey with you on the road to health.

Forensic psychology involves the intersection of human behavior and the legal system. Forensic services offered by KKJ include traditional and collaborative divorce support, mediation and evaluation services as well as criminal law evaluations.

Whatever your reasons for choosing KKJ, you will find a dedicated and compassionate provider who adopts an integrated therapy approach.

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Relationships and Work/Life Balance Therapy

includes health and stress management, mindfulness, and collaboration with other providers. Go

Services for Children and Adolescents

include therapy and evaluation services to help you and your child develop a plan for action. Go

Divorce Services

enable you and your partner to end your marriage with dignity and compassion for one another. Go