Divorce Services

Every divorce is complicated and difficult to navigate. You can reduce the emotional stress and practical difficulties by working with someone who can help you choose how to design your divorce process.

It matters not what road we take but rather what we become on the journey.

If you are in the early stages of the divorce process, KKJ offers services to enable you and your partner to end your marriage with dignity and compassion for one another. We can help you move forward from your divorce, enable you and your partner to communicate about information pertinent to the divorce, and assist you in developing your own parenting plan.

If you plan to file for custody yourself, helpful information is available through Carolina Dispute Settlement Services (http://notrials.iactprogram.com).

Oftentimes, a divorce becomes more complex, requiring attorneys and other professionals to guide the process. Collaborative Divorce is a process where both parties sign an agreement not to go to court. The process focuses on the interests and needs of the parents and children, maintains relationships, and protects the privacy of everyone involved. The professionals at KKJ are proud to be affiliated with Separating Together, a practice group of individual law firms, child neutral specialists, financial neutrals, and divorce coaches who help families transition through divorce in a peaceful and cooperative way using the principles of collaborative law. For more information about how KKJ works with this group as a Divorce Coach and a Child Neutral Specialist, visit the Separating Together website.

KKJ can also lend our expertise with psychological, custody and substance abuse evaluations if they are needed in the proceedings. Dr. Katrina has testified in family law cases as a clinical and forensic expert in counties across the state.

Additionally, Dr. Katrina is certified as a Parenting Coordinator, allowing your child's needs to be addressed while developing boundaries for communication with your ex. When facing the pressure of a legally contested divorce, KKJ has a range of services, allowing you the smoothest possible experience during a difficult time.

Divorce Services

  • individual divorce counseling
  • communication skills coaching
  • co-parenting education and consultation (individual or as a team)
  • parenting plan consultation 
  • collaborative divorce: coach and child specialist
  • psychological evaluations
  • parental capacity evaluations
  • custody evaluations (ask about our team approach!)
  • substance abuse evaluations
  • parenting coordinator services (PC)