Kaytie Mero, MA

I hold a Masters in Professional Counseling From Liberty University, with a goal to obtain the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. ‚Äč

Using an integrative approach allows me to understand the client as a whole, including their needs and their personal circumstance. I personally believe it is imperative to promote healing and facilitate wholeness - ensuring that all levels of a person's being and functioning (mental, physical and emotional health) are maximized to their full potential. Balance between mind and body can empower clients to make healthy, positive, long-lasting changes, enabling the client to move beyond their preconceived limitations and live a satisfying life. Integrative therapy uses evidence-based theories and techniques that can be tailored to each individual needs and goals.

I value providing individualized care to clients. I have an innate ability to understand and work with individuals who are facing unique challenges and that are in need of counseling and support services during all stages of life. I have received certifications in the following specialties: health and wellness coaching, healthy sexuality, financial coaching, leadership coaching, and marriage coaching. I have also received training in court-involved therapy in high conflict cases and yoga therapy for chronic pain. I have experience with family law court ordered evaluations in addition to providing services to those who are experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, and trauma. I work with children, teens, adults, and couples. I will also be receiving training in reunification therapy starting in September 2019.

I am also our Client Coordinator.  I am responsible for scheduling, checking-in, and providing great services to our clients.  

To contact me directly, please email kaytie@kkjpsych.com.