Lisa Foss, MA

I offer therapeutic services to help with anxiety, depression, women’s issues, pregnancy difficulties, perinatal anxiety/depression, stress management, parenting stress, trauma, grief/loss, divorce, and life adjustments for all ages. I assist with psychological evaluations and provide child, adolescent and adult individual, and family therapy services.

I practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which focuses on working together with you to identify patterns in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that have developed from your unique life experience. How I work shifts based on your stage of life and personal needs while addressing you as a whole person to promote a healthy well-being.

​I will work with you to alleviate the symptoms you are struggling with in a sincere and practical manner. If part of your personal needs includes exploring spiritual or faith-based counseling through the lens of your faith, please notify me at our first session.

I also coordinate our Evaluation Services.

To contact me directly, please email

From Lisa:
"I view life as a process of learning and adaptation. Life brings unexpected challenges that require some flexibility to navigate, but sometimes adjustments are difficult to manage. Gaining support and learning new skills can help us find our balance again. I find that to maintain my balance I need to take time each day, even if it is a few moments, in spiritual introspection and reading. I also find that my emotional well-being is always improved with exercise, even if it is just going for a walk with my family."