Sarah Hinton

Sarah brings a unique experience to our Client Coordinator role as a licensed Esthetician and Massage Therapist.

I am passionate about physical fitness, self-care, holistic medicine, and social justice. With roots in Public Service, Politics and Public Relations, civil rights matters, and the access to equal opportunity has always been a core value in her work and personal life. I previously served as the Director of Community Relations for the Boston City Council and worked with several non profits in Boston and New York City, striving to create change in under-served communities.

The collaboration of Forensic Psychology and Holistic Therapy, and the approach to treat the individual client in their entirety, attracted me to this practice. I believe in living and growing in the community and value how therapeutic services encourage the foundations of healthy communication, particularly during times of family separation.

As the Client Coordinator for KKJ, I am responsible for ensuring clients have a smooth office visit, and that they are served as needed in-between appointments. I am devoted to being helpful and lives to serve.

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From Sarah:
“I am a single parent who enjoys spending time with family and friends. As a Massage Therapist, I particularly enjoy treating other mothers to promote the need to consistently fill our own cups in order to be our very best self in parenthood.”