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What are the Cognitive Effects of Chronic Internet Usage?

The Internet today affects every aspect of daily life, from maintaining long distance relationships through social media, to educational platforms, to digital portfolios in business, et cetera. It is an expansive center of information that is available through computers, smartphones, smart televisions, and even in certain automobiles. While used in developed countries on an almost daily […]

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What is Panic Disorder?

Have you ever experienced a feeling of impending doom? One so tangible, it tightens your chest and accelerates your heart rate as the anxiety begins to grip every aspect of your life at that very moment? More than likely, you were experiencing a panic attack. While this experience was rather unpleasant, it passed, and you […]

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What is Agoraphobia?

Imagine stepping outside of your house and feeling like everything around you was going to gravely harm you. This is the feeling that overwhelms a person suffering with agoraphobia. Derived from the Greek term meaning, “fear of the marketplace,” agoraphobia is characterized by an overwhelming anxiety that if an emergency should occur, escape would be […]

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Social Connection During Social Isolation

How might these uncertain times, marked by extended periods of social isolation, be impacting us and the ones we love? Social isolation may be especially challenging for those living alone or in unsafe situations. Since the pandemic, we’ve seen a rise in domestic violence reports. Additionally, even when we seem to have all we need, […]

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Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Have you ever had a sinking, pit-in-your-stomach feeling of unexplainable impending doom? Have you ever looked outside on a beautiful, sunny day, and all of a sudden get a sinking feeling that the sky is about to fall? That’s the constant reality of a person struggling with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). Accompanied with an ever-present, […]

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Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder, or manic depression, is a mental disorder hallmarked by random and extreme mood changes. These mood swings can disrupt one’s life astronomically by affecting one’s temperament, energy level, motivation, etc. Only 3% of the population suffers with bipolar disorder, and it is believed that both genetic and environmental factors are the cause of […]

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Domestic Violence and the Coronaviruse: Getting Through the Quarantine

By Tiffany Lesnik, Domestic AttorneyRaleigh, NCThe social isolation, fear, anxiety, and extreme restrictions that have been put into place amidst the coronavirus pandemic are enough to cause the most well-adjusted person to become uneasy, restless, anxious and depressed and to feel the need to escape. For those in relationships fraught with abuse, the social isolation, […]

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Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder?

We all have that one friend who will re-fold laundry that wasn’t folded “perfectly,” or who will obsess over a crooked painting on the wall with the excuse of, “sorry, it’s my OCD!” While crooked photos and wrinkled sheets are annoying, the realities of Obsessive- Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD) stretch past organizational quirks and can […]

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What Is Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

In the age of social media, constant validation through likes, subscribers, and selfies has added a new term to the vocabulary of modern society: narcissistic. While the Greek god Narcissus is well known for glancing one too many times in the mirror, and those who are obsessive over their exterior appearance often coin the term […]

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