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How to Be an Effective Co-Parent - Virtual Training Series:
Facilitated by Dr. Julianne Ludlam

This training is designed for individuals at any stage of separation and divorce – from those in early, collaborative stages to those struggling with high-conflict divorce or co-parenting problems.

Topics Include:

  • Understanding Yourself: Before and After Divorce
    (contributors to divorce, communication styles, emotional stages)
  • Stress and Change
    (stressors after divorce, shifting roles, changing communication, reducing stress)
  • What Affects Children?
    (factors that impact children, normal reactions, more serious problems, what matters and what doesn’t, long-term effects)
  • Children Caught in the Middle
    (parent behaviors that place children in the middle, results of being in the middle, advantages of two parents, dos and don’ts for talking with your children)
  • Keeping Yourself Out of the Middle and Answering Tough Questions
    (redirecting child to other parent, how to raise issues with other parent, manipulation by children, difficult questions and responses)
  • Co-parenting, Parallel Parenting, and Negotiation
    (definitions, negotiation strategies, business-like approaches)
  • Communication Strategies and Managing Conflict
    (email tips, exchanges and transitions, avoiding fights, recognizing triggers, coping skills, defusing conflicts)

8 sessions.  30 minutes per session.

There are two options.  
You pick whether you want to attend on Wednesdays or Fridays.

Fridays at noon, starting January 21st
Wednesday at 6PM, starting January 26th

Upon Completion:
We will provide a certificate of completion for attending all 8 sessions.

Contact:  For questions and details, please contact Dr. Julianne Ludlam at or 919.493.1975

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