About The Purpose Center

Everyone is different and needs an individualized therapy or counseling approach. At The Purpose Center, we focus on the specific problems that affect your daily life, using well-known, evidence-based techniques.

While techniques are important, authenticity, warmth, and empathy are integral for people to flourish in, and outside of, counseling. You are a whole person—mind, body, spirit - with strengths, and weaknesses.

Like other practices, we offer traditional individual, family, and relationship therapy services for children and adults.

However, what makes our practice different is that we focus on helping you find your Purpose by developing new patterns and habits that enrich your Health, Growth, and Leadership skills.

We take an active, practical, thoughtful, problem solving approach to help you develop a plan for change. Authenticity, warmth and collaboration is at the core of our work. KKJ highly values the need to balance acceptance with hard work when striving to make important life changes.

Let us help you form a stronger family, decrease stress, enhance your relationships, find meaning in your life, and realize overall greater health and well-being.


Mackenzie Howard, MA

Individual, group, and family therapy for childhood through adulthood

Impulse Control and Emotional Regulation

Coping Skills

Empowerment for BIPOC folx of all ages

Kaytie Mero, MA

Individual and group coaching and therapy for adults

Health and Wellness Coaching

Depression/Anxiety/Stress Management

Leadership in the Workplace

Whitney Wall Strugatsky, Ph.D.

Individual and couples counseling for adults

Anxiety, Depression, Trauma



Lisa Foss, MA

Anxiety, Depression, Trauma



Julianne Ludlam, Ph.D.



Psychological Evaluations

Katrina Kuzyszyn-Jones, Psy.D.

Health & Wellness

Work / Life Balance


Marissa Stanziani, Ph.D.




Michelle Chasen, B.S.

Depression & Anxiety


Career Transition in Adulthood

Nadya Chavies, B.A.

Depression & Anxiety

Setting healthy boundaries

Lgbtq+ individuals | all lifespans

Alyssa Choate, Intern

Our purpose is to help you find your purpose through health, growth, and leadership.