Kaytie Mero, MA

Are you are looking to make healthy, positive, long-lasting changes to ensure wholeness and live a satisfying life? You may be going through a divorce or worried about your child in a divorce; feeling signs of stress, depression and anxiety.

I hold a Master’s in Professional Counseling from Liberty University. With training and experience in reunification therapy and high conflict divorce, I can help you and your family navigate the divorce process in a healthier way. My primary role at KKJ is working with children and families going through separation and divorce.  I offer Therapeutic Supervision, Reunification Therapy, individual therapy for children and adults, and family therapy.

If you are working on prevention or recovery, I also have certifications in health and wellness coaching, healthy sexuality, financial coaching, leadership coaching and marriage coaching. I have training in applying MBSR and yoga in therapy sessions.

You can rebuild your partnership or life. You can heal your family after divorce. Together, we can maximize your full potential.

To contact me directly, please email kaytie@kkjpsych.com.

From Kaytie:
“I see life as a plethora of opportunity, approaching decisions that lead to personal growth and overall life experience. As a clinician, I encourage clients to see life as an adventure, to live rather than function. The thrill of the unknown can be scary but I help my clients to truly experience life, to be open and mindful. Once you start to see life as an adventure, everything changes. You can find peace and live a meaningful life. As a clinician, I find peace in relationships, balance, nature, and awareness."

Our purpose is to help you find your purpose through health, growth, and leadership.