Workshops and Groups

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Managing Challenging Behavior

This parenting workshop is an interactive workshop designed to equip parents with an arsenal of research-based tools to help navigate difficult behaviors from children.

Co-Parenting Training

This training is designed for individuals at any stage of separation and divorce – from those in early, collaborative stages to those struggling with high-conflict divorce or co-parenting problems.

Homemade Happiness

A recipe for relationship success: In-person, 2-hour workshop guiding couples through the Gottman Perspective on the do's and dont's of relationships, to build stronger and longer lasting connections in our educational and interactive workshop for couples. 

Anger Management Group

CPT is a cognitive-behavioral therapy for PTSD and related conditions. In CPT, the clinician examines the impact of a traumatic event, and helps the client challenge irrational thoughts and beliefs about the event, one's self, others, and the world.

Lunch & Learn

The virtual Lunch & Learn sessions are an opportunity for womxn to create community and connect. Each session has a theme and will be run by one of our team members. 

Not-So-Angry Birds

The purpose of this small-group is to help children 8-10 who are acting out aggressively find better ways to regulate problematic behavior and utilize coping skills that develop more prosocial, adaptive, and functional ways of being.

Contact:  For questions and details, please contact Mackenzie Howard at or 919.493.1975

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