Marissa Stanziani, Ph.D.

Marissa Stanziani, Ph.D

Looking to build healthier stress management skills, regulate difficult emotions, and cultivate self-confidence in living your life to the fullest? Perhaps you are feeling dis-empowered? Have you suffered the loss of a relationship (be it because of separation, divorce, or death), loss of a sense of stability due to a difficult transition, or find yourself feeling lost or like you don’t have a solid sense of who you are?

As a therapist, I am deeply committed to creating a safe space in which my patients feel empowered. I utilize a holistic, integrative approach in which I can meet the client where they are in their change process. I am firmly invested in cultivating a strong and trusting relationship with my patients so we can communicate openly and work together to identify values and goals in treatment. I believe the therapeutic relationship is the foundation for meaningful and lasting therapeutic change.

I specialize in working with individuals and couples struggling with stress management, emotion regulation, and strained self-confidence. I am also skilled in guiding individuals through the grief process including separation and divorce. If you have suffered the loss of a relationship, I can work with you to make meaningful change.

Generally, I work with individuals across the lifespan confronted with all kinds of demanding and challenging life stressors and transitions. However, I specialize in working with LGBTQIA+ individuals on the unique stressors and transitions they may face. I also work closely with adults, children, and adolescents confronted with a fluctuating family unit. I have specialized training in working with individuals diagnosed with serious mental illness and their caregivers.

Together in therapy, we will focus on the cognitive and behavioral foundations of your experience, discuss your values and goals, and identify how you are already coping. Then we will use this information to identify areas for cognitive and behavioral change as well as areas in which you would like to work towards acceptance and peace of mind. This will facilitate emotional, mental, spiritual, and relational healing.

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