Meag Distefano

Meag Distefano is a Connecticut native who is studying psychology with a minor in forensics at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. She plans on continuing her education after graduating and pursuing a career as a forensic psychologist.

Before attending East Carolina, Meag studied at Appalachian State University, where she spent a semester abroad studying in Alicante, Spain. In her free time, Meag enjoys hiking, skiing, soccer, football, and travelling. She also writes and records music at a local studio in Raleigh, NC and has a passion for helping animals.

With her goals for the future, Meag hopes that she can use her position in forensic psychology to bring continual care and guidance to other’s lives, and leave a lasting positive impact.

Meag serves as our Communications Director, helping keep our office running smoothly.

To contact Meag directly, please email

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