How to Attract, Keep, and Maintain Personal Romantic Relationships

KKJ Psychological Services believes that loving relationships are key to a happy and fulfilling life.

We want to help you find love and keep love!  

Having evaluated and worked in therapy with hundreds of individuals and couples, we are now using our expertise to help you understand how to make your relationships work.

Pulling from a variety of informal and formal psychological and relationship assessments, we will construct a personalized relationship report. 

Package Options:

We tailor our services to best meet the needs of our clients.

We also know that everyone is busy and working hard, so we have constructed packages that allow some or all of the process to occur remotely.

Package 1: Individual Assessment

This can be customized based on your needs, which we can discuss at the initial consultation. Assessments can be done in-person, by telephone, or via Telehealth. 

  • Initial Consultation (30 minutes)
  • Individual Psychological Interview (approximately 1.5 hours)
  • Feedback Session and Report (approximately 30 minutes)

You can then select:

  • Formal Testing (approximately 1-2 hours), and/or:
  • Informal Testing (approximately 1-2 hours), and/or:
  • Consultation with previous partners/family and friends (approximately 30 minutes)

You will receive an extensive psychological evaluation and report related to relationship well-being to include a thorough assessment of:

  • Your personality traits
  • Your attachment patterns
  • Your value system
  • Your mental health status and relevant diagnoses
  • An identification of personal strengths and areas of growth as they relate to your potential to attract, keep, and maintain personal romantic connections.

In addition, you will also receive:

  • Detailed recommendations for finding and keeping love as a result of your unique personal profile. 
  • Follow-up support options will be provided as well.

Package 2: Relationship Assessment

This includes all of the above for BOTH parties. Additionally, a joint interview is included.

Package 3: Dating/Relationship Coaching

This is custom designed for your needs. Pricing depends on clinician to whom you are matched or choose.  

Ready To Get Started?

There is no better investment of time or money than working on yourself and your romantic relationship.

Pricing is $200 per hour. A basic package will be around $500.
We can help you decide the best plan for your situation.

To learn more or to setup your initial consultation,
please contact us at 919-493-1975 or at

Spaces are limited. 

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