Consultation and Coaching

Coaching and Counseling
This can be short or long-term, and it is always goal focused intervention

  •Life coaching
  •Financial coaching
  •Health coaching
  •Health behavior change and management
  •Marriage coaching
  •Healthy sexuality coaching
  •Leadership coaching
  •How to lead a healthy workplace
  •Mindfulness based interventions for individuals, groups and the work place
  •Stress management
  •Career success and enjoyment
  •Changing career paths
  •Returning to work the workplace
  •Career counseling

Supervision or Consultation
Dr. KKJ provides clinical supervision to LPCs and LPAs for therapy and evaluation services. She also provides consultation on an as needed basis to mental health practitioners who have clients engaged with the court system.

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Our purpose is to help you find your purpose through health, growth, and leadership.