Not So Angry Birds

This is a virtual small group for children ages 8-10 teaching skills for managing anger, aggression, and impulse control.

The purpose of this counseling group is to help children who are acting out aggressively find better ways to regulate problematic behavior and utilize coping skills that develop more prosocial, adaptive, and functional ways of being.


Group Goals

  • To increase self-awareness by identifying emotions
  • To discover self-soothing coping strategies and alternative choices to aggressive behavior
  • To promote mutual and unique problem-solving strategies among children and adults


  • Week 1: What Am I feeling?
  • Week 2: Tracking Your Triggers
  • Week 3: Wheel of Choices
  • Week 4: How Do I Breathe?
  • Week 5: How Do We Solve the Problem?
  • Week 6: What Now?

$135 ($22.50) per session OR $120 if you pay for all 6 weeks at once

To Register
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