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The NEO PI-3 is a valid and reliable assessment of adolescent and adults. The NEO PI-3 measures the five major domains of personality (Neuroticism, Extraversion, Openness, Agreeableness, and Conscientiousness) and the most important traits in each domain.

The major five factors are referred to as the “Big 5” because they have been independently studied by multiple groups of researchers for decades and have been consistently found to predict a variety of real-world outcomes, such as academic achievement, satisfaction in romantic relationships, and work performance. Big 5 traits are also related to psychological disorders and physical health. The NEO PI-3 offers a detailed interpretation of broad and specific personality traits as well as implications for areas of functioning associated with those traits, such as coping, psychological and physical well-being, cognition, and interpersonal characteristics. The NEO PI-3 can identify potential problems in living for individuals and can classify a person’s style of:

  • Well-being: gloomy pessimist, strongly emotional, low-keyed, or upbeat optimist?
  • Anger control: temperamental, cold-blooded, timid or easy-going?
  • Interests: mainstream consumer, homebody, creative interactor, or introspector?
  • Interactions: leader, welcomer, competitor, or unassuming?
  • Activities: fun lover, go-getter, lethargic, or plodder?
  • Attitudes: free-thinker, progressive, resolute believer, or traditionalist?
  • Learning styles: dreamer, good student, reluctant scholar, or by-the-booker?
  • Character: well-intentioned, effective altruist, undistinguished, or self-promoter?

Personality traits always have the potential to be both assets and liabilities. We can help you discover when your unique characteristics work to your advantage or to your disadvantage, whether in your relationships, work life, academics, or general well-being.

The NEO PI-3 is available for ages 12 and up and takes approximately 30-40 minutes to administer. It can also be administered to an independent rater (such as a spouse or parent) for more in-depth, comparative analysis. And, you can add a career-focused Professional Development Report for an examination of job-relevant information.


  • Virtual administration of the NEO PI-3 by a clinician.
    A customized report of your personality traits, with style graphs, is provided for your review. One hour appointment.
  • Virtual administration of the NEO PI-3 by a clinician with a follow-up interpretive session.
    Take the NEO and return for a detailed analysis of your personality and potential problems in living with a clinician. Two one-hour appointments.
  • Add-Ons:
  • Have an independent rater, like a spouse or parent, complete the NEO about you for additional insight.
  • Receive a Professional Development Report (PDR) to examine the job-relevant personal characteristics. This additional report will provide observations about your strengths and limitations in critical areas such as problem-solving, planning/organizing/implementation, and interpersonal style.

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