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Trauma-Informed Psychological Evaluations

This is the first in a series of articles on this topic by Dr. Julianne LudlamDo you have clients who you believe are struggling with traumatic backgrounds? Do you wonder if your clients’ past stressful experiences affect their present behaviors, whether or not they have psychiatric diagnoses or see their own pasts as relevant? If […]

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Books That Matter To Us

In this post, each of us will share some books that have been helpful to us and some books that we would recommend. We hope you find it interesting and insightful. Please contact us with any questions or feedback.  Thanks! – Julianne Ludlam, Ph.D. – Lisa Foss, MA – Kaytie Mero, MA – Whitney Wall, Ph.D Julianne Ludlam, Ph.D.Click […]

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Sad And Lonely This Holiday Season?

The warm smell of pumpkin spice and winter pine, bright lights and cheerful decorations, holiday music, holiday movies, holiday parties…it seems the whole world has entered into a perpetual state of happiness and you were not invited. If you are feeling sad or lonely this holiday season, you are not alone. The months of November […]

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How Does Your Diet Affect Your Mental Health?

While results vary, studies show that making healthy food choices does more than keep your waistline trim. A healthy diet can:reduce depressionreduce stress and anxietymanage symptoms of AD/HDreduce chronic painlower blood pressurehelp with diabetesincrease muscle relaxationmaintain circadian rhythms, which is helpful for regulating sleepEating foods high in magnesium has shown to increase the effectiveness of […]

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What Is Health And Wellness Coaching?

Health and wellness coaches help people change their lives in a meaningful, positive way. Coaches help their clients develop strategies to sustain overall health and wellness in one’s life. Health and wellness coaches can help individuals rethink their options, helping them envision more satisfying futures and set realistic goals in order to live a gratifying […]

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Yoga For Chronic Pain

By Katrina Kuzyszyn-JonesWhat do we know about chronic pain? It’s expensive, difficult to manage and compounded by depression, anxiety and substance use. Chronic pain affects 100 million Americans and affects more people than heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer combined. We know that medications do not work, are addictive, and we need alternative solutions.Acute pain […]

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