Evaluation Services

Sometimes you need a psychological or substance use evaluation for diagnostic clarification or to determine if there is progress in therapy. We can also help you develop a clear path with a career assessment. Other times, employers may require a psychological or substance use evaluation to determine readiness to return to work. Lastly, we can help with adoption readiness evaluations.

We have a team approach to conducting evaluations.
This means that you will always have two minds on the case. This approach helps clinicians maintain neutrality and discuss various perspectives. It allows for efficient and thorough information gathering. And, it mimics the health care system's whole person approach  to care.  Ms. Foss heads up intakes in our new Cary office, and Dr. Ludlam completes the second portion of the evaluation. One or both of them will facilitate testing as well as contact collaterals to obtain records and complete interviews.  Ms. Mero heads up intakes in the Durham office, and Dr. Kuzyszyn-Jones completes the second portion of the evaluation.  Ms. Foss is the Evaluation Coordinator, so, if you are seeking an evaluation, please contact lisa@kkjpsych.com.

  • Substance Use:  to clarify diagnosis, treatment needs, or progress in treatment.
  • Psychological: to clarify diagnosis, treatment needs, or progress in treatment. 
  • Adoption Readiness
  • Immigration
  • Personal Injury and Liability (PTSD, depression, workplace violence)
  • Leave of Absence, Performance or Return To Duty
  • Career Counseling

The KKJ Evaluation Team:
We take a team approach to our evaluation services in order to better serve our clients.
Lisa Foss is our evaluation coordinator and can be contacted at lisa@kkjpsych.com.

Wake County Evaluation Team:
Lisa Foss and Julianne Ludlam.

Durham Area Evaluation Team:
Katrina Kuzyszyn-Jones and Kaytie Mero.

All of these evaluations provide an opportunity for you to tell us your story in addition to making recommendations for the future.

Contact:  For questions, or to make an appointment, please contact us

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