How Can You Utilize Career Counseling?

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Written by Dr. Whitney Wall

Counseling psychology emphasizes a humanistic, pluralist approach that is oriented towards growth, development, adjustment, function and strengths. Counseling psychology also has a heavy focus on research and training in career counseling.

As a counseling psychologist, I received specialized training in vocational counseling and can assist clients in meeting their career goals, navigating workplace obstacles, and transitioning career roles. Career counseling may include work to identify and pursue one's career calling, establish a professional identity, uncover personal blockages to career success, find meaning and purpose in ones current work scenario, implement best practices when faced with workplace conflict and leadership dilemmas, and experience an effective transition to retirement. This work can be done with teens, college aged students, and adults.

I often incorporate vocational assessments such as the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory and The Strong Interest Inventory in my work with clients. Additionally, I am currently involved in research collaborations with the Myers Briggs Institute, CAPT (Center for Application of Psychological Types), in Gainesville, FL.

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Dr. Katrina Kuzyszyn-Jones

At KKJ, we focus on the specific problems that affect your daily life, using well-known, evidence-based techniques. While techniques are important, authenticity, warmth, and empathy are integral for people to flourish in, and outside of, counseling. You are a whole person—mind, body, spirit - with strengths, and weaknesses. Let us help you form a stronger family, decrease stress, enhance your relationships, find meaning in your life, and realize overall greater health and well-being.

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