Fertility Evaluations

Any mental health professional who conducts fertility evaluations should complete additional training and continuing education in infertility issues/counseling and be a member of a related professional association, such as the Mental Health Professional Group of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM; Burns & Covington, 2006, pp. 559-560).

Types of Fertility Evaluations:

Gamete (Egg/Sperm) Donor Evaluation

  • Purpose: To minimize risk of psychological harm to the donor, to estimate the donor’s ability to comply with the demand of being a donor, and to ensure informed consent.
  • Should include both an in-person clinical interview and appropriate psychological testing, for donors and their partners.
  • Psychological testing of known/directed donors is not required unless factors suggest a need, but many clinics administer testing to aid in decision making.
  • Embryo donation similar

Gamete (Egg/Sperm) Donor Evaluation

  • Purpose: To facilitate informed decision making, understand psychological implications, educate and provide resource and support information
  • Should include a psychoeducational or counseling session with recipient(s)
  • Psychological testing generally not administered
  • Further evaluation should be considered for individuals with an active or untreated psychological disorder that impairs judgment; the presence of substance abuse, domestic violence, or child abuse; impaired cognitive functioning; stressors or factors that interfere with the recipient’s ability to pursue activities of daily living.
  • Embryo recipient sessions are similar in purpose and structure.

Gestational Carrier (GC) Evaluation

  • Purpose: Similar to a donor evaluation, but counseling must include psychological issues related to pregnancy and separation from child.
  • Should include:
  • An in-person session/interview with GC and partner, with appropriate psychological testing
  • A clinical interview and psychological assessment of intended parent(s)
  • A session with GC and intended parents to discuss relationship and expectations
  • Counseling should be available to intended parents and GC throughout the arrangement and postpartum period.

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