How To Prepare For Your First Session

In need of some quick tips on how to prepare for your first session?
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Firstly, remember to be OPEN! Try to remove any expectations you might have about therapy. You don't have to come in with an agenda or a plan. You’re more than welcome to come with an agenda but the therapist is there to find a path with you and explore your mental health. The therapist is there to guide and navigate your life path and create a professional plan to aid in your health.

Be honest! Therapy is the best place to let your hair down and share your truth. Honesty is so important in therapy to ensure your provider best understands you and can give you the best treatment. It’s important to remember that there is never any judgment in therapy. Therapy can only work when you are being honest and open about your life and your behaviors.

Think about the preferences you have for your provider! Therapy works best when you have good rapport with your therapist. Your relationship with your therapist is crucial for therapy to be effective. Take time looking into your preferences and who you want to build a therapeutic relationship with. With delicate issues at stake, therapy must be a good fit between therapist and client.

When it comes to therapy, try scheduling a good time within your busy calendar. Don’t try to push therapy into a busy day when you're rushing to and from therapy. Rushing can make therapy feel like a chore and you won’t be able to decompress and focus during your session. Telehealth can make this easier, in that you don’t have to take time out of your day to drive to and from, but if you’re cramming therapy in between meetings, or are distracted by your email popping up on your computer, consider setting aside the time to come in person like you would with any doctor’s appointment.

Remember, your provider is there to guide you! It’s their job to navigate your session and find the best course of action for your mental wellbeing. Don’t feel overwhelmed when walking into your first session. Remember to breathe, be honest and open, and if your provider doesn’t feel like the “right fit”, keep looking or ask for a referral to another provider!

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