How To Utilize “FLOW”

Written by Lisa Foss

What is FLOW and what does it mean to be “In Flow?” You may have heard the more familiar term of “in the zone.” Psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, describes FLOW as intense and focused concentration on the present moment; a combination of action and awareness with a self-motivated sense of personal control over an activity.

We often find ourselves overwhelmed with life activities including our work, family, relationships, school, to do lists, finances, etc. Our pursuit for happiness may leave us feeling stressed and like hamsters on a wheel always striving for the next thing.

In combination with therapy, FLOW can increase your sense of personal accomplishment, self-esteem and inner happiness, and decrease feelings of anxiety, depression, and negative thoughts. When our happiness is not dependent on our environment or situation, we can have a greater sense of resiliency and ownership related to how we respond to life situations.

Personally, my FLOW is found in daily muscular structure work and cardio exercises
that are challenging and require skill, so I need to give it my full focus.

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