Important Information About Suicidal Thoughts

September is suicide awareness month and a great time to share some important information about suicide.

The experience of having suicidal thoughts is not uncommon; yet, we don’t openly talk about it. Unfortunately, this leads many people experiencing suicidal thoughts to feel strange and alone and it prevents help seeking. One of the best ways to address suicidal thoughts is to talk about the thoughts and related feelings in a safe and respectful space. This is why counseling can be so helpful.

Too often people take a don’t ask, don’t tell approach to suicide and this is just not effective. Many people worry that if they ask a loved one if they are having suicidal thoughts they might “put the idea in their head.” This is just not true. Asking about suicide will not increase the likelihood of suicide – it’s actually the reverse. Talking about suicide prevents suicide.

Others worry that they might offend someone if they ask them if they are having thoughts of suicide when they are not. This is rarely the case. Asking actually demonstrates that you care and lets whoever may be struggling know that you are safe person to come to if they need this kind of support (now or in the future).

If you (or a loved one) visit us at KKJ, we will always ask about suicidal thoughts when indicated and whatever you may be experiencing internally will not be too much for us to talk about with you. We will work together to keep you safe and address the underlying beliefs, emotions, and life circumstances that might be contributing to those thoughts.

For more information about suicide and suicide prevention, including common risk factors and warning signs, visit the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline website:

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