Self-Care Sundays: Hair-apy – The Holistic Health Benefits

People might not think much about how their hair care affects them, but hairstyling is a great form of therapy. Kara Pezzimenti refers to her job as a hairstylist and owner of Union Hair Studio as “hair-apy”. Kara enjoys serving as a sense of comfort and a listening ear for her clients. Hairstyling gives her customers a sense of restorative power through their clean feel and new look. When people feel good about their external expression, they tend to feel better internally. Self-confidence helps people walk through the outside world without fear. Hair styling also has emotional benefits of giving people a space to share and connect with others. As a hairstylist, clients are reminded that they are not alone and are given a space to be uplifted mentally and physically. At their appointments, clients can “let their hair down” and talk about their lives in a judgment free zone. Hair care is especially beneficial for those who live alone or are isolated. The power of physical touch through scalp massages and styling can bring comfort to the elderly or those who are often alone. Another great benefit of hairstyling is how it allows people to let their creativity run free and constantly grow. Hair stylists love encouraging self-expression and breaking away from society’s rules. When getting your hair done, hairstylists prioritize your own expression and remind you to be kind to yourself. The therapy aspect of hairdressing is a large reason why people seek out hair stylists they get along with and enjoy. If you think about it, you’re more likely to get up and hug your hairstylist as a thank you than you would your doctor after an appointment. Hair-apy is real and taking time to schedule an appointment with a hairstylist can have holistic health benefits for your mental health.

Kara Pezzimenti is the owner of Union Hair Studio in Durham, NC where she brings people together and reminds everyone that we aren’t as different as we think. Her work as a master stylist gives her the opportunity to remind her clients that they aren’t alone and to not be so hard on themselves. At Union Hair Studio, she embraces everyone as a unique story to be celebrated and listened to during their appointment. Every stylist at Union Hair Studio makes it their mission to make each customer feel as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. Click below to go to their website and schedule an appointment today!

Union Hair Studio:
Phone: 919.237.2374
Instagram: @uniondurham

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