What Is Green Flow?

Acting pro-environmentally gives us a deeper sense of personal meaning, which has been called ‘green flow’. Flow refers to a mental state where a person becomes fully immersed in an activity and feels energized, focused, and “in the zone.” I’m not exactly convinced that my ‘green’ lifestyle can be described this way but getting enjoyment out of green living and finding a way to think about eco-consciousness as a hobby, sounds like fun to me.

And there is research that supports the idea that flow can be used as a coping skill for stress and anxiety, so maybe this is worth investigating as it relates to climate anxiety.

Being mindful about consumption and waste, and the effects on our environment, can certainly help develop a sense of personal control or agency over the situation, and be intrinsically rewarding, which both contribute to a sense of flow.

I’m always looking for more tips on ways to contribute to a healthy planet, so here are some great finds!

Conserve Energy

  • Turn off the lights when you’re not in the room!
  • Use LED lights
  • Unplug items that aren’t used regularly
  • Keep your air conditioning and heating a little lower or higher and adjust your clothing for comfort
  • Maximize your oven use by cooking multiple things at the same time or back to back
  • Buy electric or hybrid cars
  • Travel by bike, bus or foot

Home Care

  • Consider sustainable and non-toxic cleaning supplies and remodeling, paint, etc.
  • Replace appliances with electric versus gas
  • Go solar if you can
  • Make sure you have well-fitting windows and doors to avoid temperature leakage
  • Catch rainwater or even shower water to water your plants (I’m going to try this!)


  • Find a new use for something in your home and buy second hand
  • Donate items or give them to others who are handy and can refinish furniture
  • Ditch the paper towels and napkins or use more sustainable brands
  • Take packing foam to your local pack-n-mail place
  • Consider paper alternatives

Sustainable Beauty

  • Shop second hand or trade clothing with friends
  • Buy from planet and people conscious companies
  • Buy less, use what’s in your closet better or differently
  • Recycle your textiles appropriately if they can’t be donated
  • Rent the runway!
  • Buy clean make-up
  • Read more about my clean beauty and sustainable fashion journey here.

Get Out In Nature

  • Enjoying the planet can help you stick to values of making changes, and you may also be more motivated to do things like gardening and planting trees

Social Connection

  • Connect with youth and like-minded people around these issues either as a support network or towards action
  • Volunteering helps us feel more connected to others, engaged and purposeful

Focus On Eudemic vs. Hedonic Pleasures

  • Some of these eco-conscious practices can be more expensive, inconvenient or uncomfortable, so focusing on intrinsic motivation and how our behavior affects the world can help us deal with those discomforts

Stop Doom Scrolling

Try Therapy

  • This may be to reduce anxiety, help you evaluate your values, or stick to a plan

Embracing the practice of eco-sustainability can have a significant impact on your mental health and overall happiness. Sustainability allows us to adopt a more mindful approach to our daily consumption, encouraging us to rethink our purchasing habits and consider the environmental implications of our choices.

By taking small steps towards reducing waste and conserving resources, we can feel empowered and connected to a larger community of individuals working towards a common goal. And as we witness the positive effects of our actions, such as reduced greenhouse gas emissions and a healthier planet, we can experience a sense of fulfillment and purpose that helps to alleviate the anxiety and fear associated with climate change.

In short, practicing eco-conscious strategies not only benefits the environment but also contributes to our own well-being and happiness.

Do you have some great ideas to share about how you practice green living? Email me at drkatrina@kkjpsych.com and I’ll create a post!

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